PC (Polycarbonate) Sunglass Lenses

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Introducing Dayao Optical’s PC (Polycarbonate) Sunglass Lenses: Unleash Your Eyewear Creativity with Cutting-Edge Technology

Welcome to Dayao Optical, your premier destination for top-quality eyewear solutions. As a leading supplier of premium lenses, we are thrilled to present our innovative PC (Polycarbonate) Sunglass Lenses. Meticulously crafted with advanced technology, our lenses are designed to inspire creativity and offer an unparalleled eyewear experience. Let’s delve into the unique aspects of our PC Sunglass Lenses, tailored to cater to lens buyers and independent designers.

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Diameter Base Center Thickness Edge Thickness Radius
73mm 50C 2.0mm 2.0mm 1046
73mm 200C 2.0mm 2.0mm 261.5
73mm 400C 2.0mm 2.0mm 130.75
73mm 600C 2.0mm 2.0mm 87.17
73mm 800C 2.0mm 2.0mm 65.38
75mm 50C 2.0mm 2.0mm 1046
75mm 200C 2.0mm 2.0mm 261.5
75mm 400C 2.0mm 2.0mm 130.75
75mm 600C 2.0mm 2.0mm 87.17
78mm 50C 2.0mm 2.0mm 1046
78mm 200C 2.0mm 2.0mm 261.5
78mm 400C
2.0mm 2.0mm 130.75
78mm 600C 2.0mm 2.0mm 87.17
78mm 800C 2.0mm 2.0mm 65.38


A Canvas for Creativity
Dayao Optical's PC Sunglass Lenses serve as a canvas for your creative visions. The exceptional optical clarity and distortion-free design provide a pristine platform for your unique eyewear designs.

Lightweight Innovation
Embrace a new era of lightweight comfort. Our PC Sunglass Lenses are engineered to offer a feather-light fit, ensuring ultimate ease and wearability throughout the day.

Durability Meets Adventure
Ready for any adventure, our PC Sunglass Lenses boast outstanding durability and impact resistance. Embrace the freedom to explore without compromising on eye protection.

Vivid Tints and Hues
Express your style with our diverse range of tints and hues. From subtle elegance to bold statements, our PC Sunglass Lenses offer an array of colors to complement your personal taste.

Precision Performance
Experience the precision of cutting-edge technology. Our PC Sunglass Lenses are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, providing precise visual acuity for every moment.

UV Defense
Prioritize eye health with our superior UV protection. Dayao Optical's PC Sunglass Lenses shield your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays, ensuring optimal eye care in any environment.


Experience Eyewear Revolution with Dayao Optical's PC Sunglass Lenses: At Dayao Optical, we believe in revolutionizing eyewear with innovative solutions. Our PC Sunglass Lenses empower independent designers to bring their artistic vision to life, while also meeting the demands of discerning lens buyers.

Discover the limitless possibilities of eyewear creation by exploring our extensive lens options and discussing personalized solutions with our team. Elevate your eyewear designs with Dayao Optical's cutting-edge PC Sunglass Lenses.

Colors and Coating

PC (Polycarbonate) Sunglass Lenses01
PC (Polycarbonate) Sunglass Lenses02
PC (Polycarbonate) Sunglass Lenses03
PC (Polycarbonate) Sunglass Lenses04
PC (Polycarbonate) Sunglass Lenses05
PC (Polycarbonate) Sunglass Lenses06

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